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Re: New Relationship With Bipolar Partner

As the mother of a 20+ man with Bipolar disorder, I can tell you I have answered the same questions from his girlfriend on several occasions. If you decide that putting up with the rollercoaster of his disease is worth it in the end, you need to let him set the pace. The man you love today will not always be the man you see tomorrow, but he may be back in a day or so. Being strongly supportive, but maintaining your own stability will probably be the sturdiest aspect of your relationship. He is reponsible for his actions, but he may not always be able to recognize it. He will be remote, then close, then distant in a constantly continuing cycle. Insist he stay on his meds while he is with you. Prepare to leave him if he doesn't, because off his meds he can be dangerous, mostly to himself, but often to others. Love him but don't live for him. Good luck.