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Re: Has anyone had problems after blood clots?

I came across this board while searching for information about DVT recovery ---- there is actually a sub-board on this site specifically addressing your questions. It has been helpful to me in knowing that my residual pains and concerns are not unique.

I consider myself very luck each day to have survived. I had a large DVT in the left leg and multiple clots in the lungs before I dragged myself into emergency over lunch hour one day. I had convinced myself that I was just dealing with fatigue and a pulled muscle or something equally silly.

I'm the type who can "handle anything" and I thought my swollen ankle and leg were going to make my next marathon road trip by car that weekend "inconvenient" so I finally had it checked out. I now can sit or stand for about 1/2 hour before needing to move. I was a week in the hospital and out of work for two months. Both legs ache most days and the lungs tell me when I've pushed it too hard.

Coumadin is rat poison, but this is one rat that is very happy to have it saving my life.

Check out the other board and good luck with your recovery. Perhaps our daily pains are reminders of how lucky we are to be feeling anything. And maybe our lives are meant to be lived in something other than high gear - at 49 I think I'm beginning to understand.