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Re: unacceptable behaviour in the store

First I try talking to DS -- telling him that we WILL leave if he doesn't behave. Usually that works because he knows I mean business. As inconvenient as it seems, I've walked out, wrestled him into his car seat and driven home with him screaming the whole time.

OT, last week we were at a mall bathroom out of town, getting ready for a 3 hour drive home. So I told him he needed to go potty. Told me he didn't have to. Finally got him to go, then he starts messing with the sani-disposal box while I'm trying to get his pants up. Bleah! Whole while he's yelling help me and owie. Wasn't doing a DARN thing to him, though felt like it 'cuz I walked out of the stall to GLARES from 3 women who thought I was abusing him. Little stinkers catch on early and try to get away with murder!