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does this sound familiar to anyone?

bipolar is the diagnosis and yes i agree i get manic at times. Shop like crazy, drink like a fish, do stupid things but on the other hand very fun productive and creative. Well the depression side of it all comes from when i am doing stupid manic things in other words regreting things ive done. is this truely bipolar? what is the manicy type of bipolar called? ive had doctors say that i am hypomanic.

i also do not think that antidepressents are needed in my particular case but sometimes I feel like crap... maybe its the lamictal. Which i think is So overrated. its not a bad drug but not a miracle like the doc would like to think.

I am also a severe insomniac, a bit paranoid and a little hyper.
also drug of choice is xanax. its a cure all... but very addictive

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