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Re: Incontinence

Hi. My husband had a radical prostatectomy two years ago and had a tough time. It seems now that he had a reaction to the latex catheter, and it caused lots of scar tissue. He had several blockages and many scopes, and we spent the first few weeks after the catheter was removed trying to get him to pee again. Then once everything settled down he was incontinent. For the past year he has been on oxybutinin(5mg) and imipramine(10mg). He started with a bit larger of a dose and then adjusted it to the dosage he now has. They are a great help and he has very little incontinence. He does use a light pad, but mostly just for security. There don't seem to be any side effects of the medication. At the time of the surgery we wondered if things would ever be back to normal. So even with you at 14 months, don't be discouraged, because things may yet improve.