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Re: Has anyone had problems after blood clots?

When you are looking at the main Blood Disorders list - go to the search area and type in DVT recovery to get to the sub-board. I was searching to see if my residual leg pains and fatigue were normal. At least I know that it is normal now.

This was my first incident, although I've been told that I stand a 50% chance of a repeat. I have always been a traveler - last year it was 32 hours from airport to airport - this year, and the apparent cause, was a 15 hour road trip by car that was actually almost a full week in the car with the 15 hours on both ends.

After this first six months on coumadin, they plan on doing the extensive blood tests to see if I have any of the other factors, since I'm not a high risk by nature - no family history, not a smoker, etc ------I just travel, and apparently don't stop often enough.

I'm glad to see that your attitude is on the right side. Just as a thought, from a naturapathic view the mental cause of blood clots is "a blockage in the flow of joy". I know for myself, the challenges/changes in my job for the past year definitely is in alignment with that. As a result, I spent a lot of time working on a change of view while I was away from work.

I still have some crazy hours as an event coordinator - but my life willl not be so much about work anymore!

Take care