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Smile Re: pregnant with ds need of a realistic view

I have a son with Down Syndrome, he is currently 7 yrs of age.
What's it like having a child with down syndrome? For me it has been wonderful, it has been joyful, it has been educating. I am an optimist, so when the geneticisits gave me their worst case scenerios, I listened...but I did not take anything that they said to heart. We are all different and so are our children. My son is in a public school, he attends special education part of the day and 1st grade the rest of the day. He is currently reading family words, basic adding, knows all his shapes , colors, can count to 30 on his own,(further with asst.) the list goes on and on. Our children can learn, they can listen, follow directions...the difference is, it takes them longer to learn. What has worked for us is, I have made everyday, every experience a learning experience. My son has been the absolute joy of our lives. He is a complete blessing and I thank God everyday for him!!!

Having a child with Down Syndrome is not a tragedy, it can really be a blessing!
Many Blessings,