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Re: Awaiting diagnosis

Hi Lanugo,
My Son Is Bipolar But I Will Tell You. I Would Be Nuts Waiting 2 Wks That Is Unacceptable. You Need To Call Doc And Get In Asap Or Think About Getting A Psy Eval At A Hospital. When My Son Was Ready For Help, He Was 13. I Was Turned Down At 2hospitals Because Of Age. He Was Tired Of Waiting So He Didnt See A Doc That Day. I Finally Had To Do A 302 Involuntary. He Was Not Sleep For Days And It Was Bad. So I Hope You Can Call A Doc Who Will See You Right Away...or Go To Hospital. I Found With My Son Who Now 15 3/4 When He Wants To Do Something I Try To Arrange It Right Away.
He Takes Meds A Combo And It Is A Trial In Beginning. Keep A Log Or Note Book . Also My Son Has No Concept Of Time Either. Dont Be Scared Of The Diagonsed, You Should Be Proud Of Yourself To Take The Hard Step Of Seeing A Doc. You Are A Good Mom, Your Putting Your Son 1st. I Have To Say 2 Weeks Is Forever For Me Or Anyone Bipolar Or Not. So Hopefully You Can Get An Appointment Soon. My
Son Tells Me All The Time He Is So Much Better.
Good Luck