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I Agree Meds Are Not The Cure...but My Son Can Function Now Before We Knew What Was Happening. He Was Violent, Didnt Sleep, Heard And Saw People, Had Bad Bad Night Mares, Came After Me And His Sister. It Was Very Scary Now I Can Talk To Him. He Is Back At School P/t And P/t At Home. He Looks Happier. Dont Get Me Wrong I Have Along With His Therapist Talk And Explained To Him. He Must Work With Us And We Will Help Him. And It Is Working. My Daughter 13 Doesnt Fear Him Anymore And I Dont Either. Which Is Wonderful. I Didnt Want To Place My Boy Anywhere Unless I Had To. Without Meds He Wouldnt Be With Us And Living Normal. I Always Tell Him Meds Are 25% And The Rest Is Up To Him. He Is Finally Seeing It And Does Come To Me When He Dont Feel Good Or Right Or Up Or Down.
He Has Many More Good Days And Some Bad Days. But We All Go Thru Ups & Downs. Not Like My Son But I Try My Best To Be There And He Does Talk To Me Alot.
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