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Help, MANY ongoing symptoms...

I have not been diagnosed with anything but hyperthyroidism which is still not being treated. I had a thyroid ultasound, one side was larger, not the painful side.

I have been seen for ongoing issues, but no one seems to give me an answer. I am scared about what the diagnosis may be.

ALL ON LEFT SIDE of neck/jaw/tongue/ear/shoulder

My gland seems very tender and swollen almost always. If I push there, it seems like something is pushing and hurting the base of my tongue, far and deep into my mouth, almost throat/under jaw area.

sore throat that lasted the majority of 3 years after a bad chest infection, finally healed in May
after the right antibiotic, a Z-pack

Left shoulder, neck, jaw, and tongue pain

Same side on tongue swells and has a burning, sometimes tingling sensation

Neck also swells and becomes stiff from jaw to collar bone, almost daily

I feel a small knot, pea sized, in the side of my neck, down towards my collarbone and another seems to swell in my face, cheek/jaw area

I have had blood tests show hyperthyroid in May also rapid pulse 90+ always for a few years now.

my neck cracks alot, also shoulder

Now, My periods have recently stopped. I'm only 34

I do have symptoms of the hyperthyroid: exhausted, insomnia, irritable, frequent BMs, the rapid pulse, low B/P

I also had a back and neck injury in January while lifting, but the only difference I notice is that my lower back now hurts and my neck grinds and hurts in a different area, on my spine/ base of my skull.

my jaws both pop and click from misalignment. But it was never a problem or painful until the swelling and pain began. Many think I just have TMJ.

This seems like much more than that.

I think because it is not obvious they don't think it is that painful or serious.

I can't take it much longer.

I have had a CT scan and MRI of the head and neck, but they say there are no masses.

With the pain and swelling I am having I can hardly believe this. I feel like I have pressure and pain from something in the area under my jaw, in my neck and tongue/ear.

It hurts terribly, so much that it makes me feel like I am crazy. I saw an ENT, but he hardly examined me. He just went by the test reports.

It has gone on for so long and keeps getting worse. I can barely function to go to work most days. Many days, I swear I will go to the ER and sit there until someone finally deals with me. Once I even sat there for 3 hours as injured and coughing people passed me by and I got frustrated and left. I have a high threshold for pain and have dealt with it for so long, I just keep on putting up with it because no one takes me seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry for those of you suffering with your illness. I don't mean to be a big cry baby. I'm just scared and wondered if this sounds familiar.

Thanks and I will keep you in my thoughts.

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