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Re: Help, MANY ongoing symptoms...

I did have blood tests in May that showed high levels and my MD said it was hyperthyroid. The same tests a year before were normal. I had the thyroid ultasound too and they said it only showed that one side, strangely not the painful side, was larger.

But that was it. No referral to an endo.

My first mother, sister and first cousin all have hypothyroid. Cousin's is believed to be Hashimotos. So, they really don't have any knowledge of this side of the spectrum. My sister also has RA. I know it tends to run in families.

I am calling my doctor for a referral to an endo. Problem is my husband changed companies and is getting new health insurance who will probably consider this a pre-existing condition.

What kinds of tests should I be getting? I'm sure more blood work, but what is the difference between the ultrasound and the scan? I had an MRI and CAT scan they say showed nothing there.

Thanks for your advice.