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Re: ACDF Fri but no longer in pain?

Thank you for your reply. What I am really wondering is if I should have the surgery now (or ever). I have read posts where people say it is worse the longer you wait. I was very motivated to have the surgery when I was having pain and couldn't work or sleep, etc. Then I was having nerve pain and numbness. But since the thyroid surgery I have been having few symptoms (probably because I really stopped lifting anything and used pain meds more). So I am scheduled for this surgery (ACDF C5-6, 6-7) at the end of this week and feel like I won't be able to see improvement because I am not having the severe signs I once had (but my arm is weaker than the other one and the muscles are atrophied). Also, wearing the Aspen collar 24/7 for 6 weeks seems not very comfortable.

Thanks again
(I had my lumbar fusion and Harrington rods 20 years ago and don't recall much about the pain. I think that the cervical herniations may have started in 2003 because the arm pain started then.)