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Weird feeling in left arm and chest, abnormal heart beat


I am 18 years old and I've been having some issues and they're getting worse and i'm worried as hell now. It started with me getting what is thought to be asma a few weeks ago, i have trouble breathing sometimes and my heart would race, and I have a ton of excess saliva and flem. A couple weeks ago I bought an over the counter inhaler and a few kinds of allergy pills to help with that.

Starting yesterday, I began to get a weird feeling in my left arm and the left part of my chest, near my heart. It got worse throughout the day and began to turn into a burning feeling, then a tight feeling, and finnaly a numb feeling. My heart beats hard and fast during any activity. Now i'm not the most fit person, but it's never beat all crazy like this until now. Today my left arm is still numb and me chest still feels really odd, kind of a burning feeling near my heart, and if i push on my left hand it hurts and feels tingly. I have a ton of anxiety, but that may be because I searched for these symptoms and got the answer that these are the symptoms for a heart attack or stroke. I have had anxiety problems in the past, so it may be making this worse but anxiety isn't the cause of this. My dad said to stop using the inhaler because it could be the cause of this. I don't even know if the breathing problem is asma because I haven't gone to a doctor yet. I was thinking the arm thing may be carpet tunnel syndrome, since I use a computer and video games a lot, but that doesn't explain the whole heart beating problem, does it? Thanks for your support!

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