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Re: unacceptable behaviour in the store

Originally Posted by galinaqt
she is screaming and acting unacceptable even when I am doing what she wants. Any advices welcome.
Sounds like you give in to her and she knows that if she screams you WILL give her what she wants.... what's more, she's a poor sport when she gets what she wants... if you want it to change, you'll have to be consitent each time and NOT give in. Make a decision before you go that you will not accept x, y or z from her, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself out loud if you have to. When you get to the shop, remember what you will and won't accept. It will get worse before it gets better but she needs to learn not to mess with mommy!

Be strong, it's a battle of wills and it sounds like she has the upper hand at the moment.

Good luck