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Re: made a friend with bipolar angry, help

Hi MSLAINIE & Picali

Thank you for your in-put about my friend. I havn't been online lately because i have been seeing a therapist. She's been helping me with depression. I've been trying to deal with alot of things at once. But, I want to say that both of you were right about friendship. Being BP isn't always the cause of someone's anger. Yes, they have the right to be if they've been hurt by someone. It has been very difficult working in the same place with her and not being able to talk. But, i've stayed away and am giving her space. I have a new understanding of how bi-polar affects people in different ways due to reading this message board. Yesterday when I came into work she accually tried to help me find my uniform and spoke a few short words! I was shocked, but went with the flow. I'm still going to stay away and give her the space she needs and will let her talk when she's ready. I'm definetly not pushing it! Thank you for your help!


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