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Please help ASAP ( temp. bridge)

I recently received a temp. bridge. As soon as they placed it i noticed small chunks missing on the individual teeth, and white specks on certain teeth. She assured me that she would be filling these in, which she did. However, the next morning when i woke up a few of those teeth that she filled in had broke off. One that is most noticable is a FRONT tooth. I am sooo upset since i advised her that i have a family reunion that i need to attend in a few weeks and my permanents will not be ready yet. Also, the office had ran out of material which she needed to use on my natural tooth which is also under this temp. bridge and she had to use this BLUE material which is showing right thru the temp. and it looks as if this tooth is blue. I'm just lost for words the way she allowed me to leave her office. Everyone was commenting at the office how great they look but i was quite upset. I love this dentist but i feel as if she really rushed on these temps. Am i expecting too much with these only being temps? I was advised it would take 3 weeks for the permanents to come in and she may have to send them back if they dont fit, etc. At this time i refuse to leave the house~ its that bad.

This whole experience has been a nightmare. When i was first quoted a price is was around $6700 then they came to me during my next visit and said it would be $7100. Then the day during my root canal and temps, they said they made an error and it would be $11,000. By this time i was MAD and questioned to see the print out. Then once again they said they made another error and it would be $10,000. I feel like they are picking numbers from the air. I just dont know what to do since I do love the dentist ( she is very gentle, which is hard to find). She only works in this office and doesn't own it and she appologized several times for all their mistakes.

Could someone advise me or give me their opinion what i should do?

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