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Re: Weird feeling in left arm and chest, abnormal heart beat

i have trouble breathing sometimes and my heart would race, and I have a ton of excess saliva and flem. A couple weeks ago I bought an over the counter inhaler and a few kinds of allergy pills to help with that.
Why? Did a doctor tell you to do that?
Starting yesterday, I began to get a weird feeling in my left arm and the left part of my chest, near my heart.
The heart is in the middle of your chest.
My heart beats hard and fast during any activity.
That's what hearts do during exercise or activity.
My dad said to stop using the inhaler because it could be the cause of this. I don't even know if the breathing problem is asma because I haven't gone to a doctor yet.
Your "PARENT" should not have let you have the inhaler if you have not been seen by a doctor for asthma. How did you get the prescription for the inhaler?
(Oh, that's right, you self diagnosed and bought an over the counter medication. ) Matter of fact, you can actually put yourself in cardiac arrest taking a drug that effects that heart when you don't even have the medical condition that requires the medication you're taking in the first place.
Your "anxiety" is normal, not a condition. It's your conscience telling you somethings wrong.
You also said
Now i'm not the most fit person,
Try some moderate exercise. Start slowly. Fitness doesn't happen in a week or two. It's progressive change over time. Do 10 push ups a day for a week, then the next week do 12. Then the next week do 15. See where I'm going?
Do sit ups. Start with 5 every hour every other day for a week then do 10.
Ok, I know I went off track. But what I'm saying is unless a doctor told you to do the inhaler, don't use it. If a doctor did give it to you, then go back and tell him it's making you ill.

Who told you to take this medication without seeing a doctor?

You know, I've read your post three or four times before responding and each time I still shake my head. You are 18. You don't have Carpal tunnel syndrome from playing video games. Maybe if you were employed all day for years at a computer. But not playing video games. Do a google search on "Carpal Tunnel" and you'll find more information.

Lay off the over the counter meds!! You don't need those. Don't self diagnose yourself.
Are you planning college or something else"? You said you were 18 so I wanted to ask to be nosey.
Post back,
Let me have it.