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Re: unacceptable behaviour in the store

Sounds like she doesn't have a lot of self control. I have seen this happen with children when the parent doesn't consistently control the child's inappropriate behavior. Children are not born with self control. They learn self control when the parents controls their inappropriate behavior. This is done by always stopping it. If the child knows that once last week you let her get away with something she will always try to not listen to you. It's amazing how much energy a child will put into even a 1% chance that they can get away with something! Once you start enforcing your rules 100 % of the time she will get the message and give you a break by listening right away because children know it's not worth trying if there is zero % chance. Remember also, that children behave better if they have positive interactions with you. When a child and parent get into these negative interactions all of the time it's hard to have positive interactions. If you can turn things around and have positive interactions more you will be amazed at how her behavior improves.