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Re: Incorrigible 3-year old

You know why these kids are angels at school? Because there is a routine there and CONSTANT consequences for inappropriate behavior. You say that you discipline him but I'll bet you let it slide sometimes and this is all the window that he needs to know that he can get away with his behavior at least some of the time. Like I just wrote in another thread, this child also sounds like he doesn't have any self control. Self control comes when the parent gets control over the inappropriate behavior. Children are not born with self control, it has to be learned by experiencing it. The child experiences control only after the parents gain control. Also, doing positive things with the child will help. Spend some time doing an activity with him. You probably had more energy with your first child to enforce rules. All parents are more tired with their second child and the rules don't get enforced as well. And with constant rule enforcement it will get worse before it gets better but hang in there!

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