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Re: Long distance relationship--with no resolution

Originally Posted by rosequartz
I think you are over-romanticizing this've only been together in person 2 x in 5 could you possibly know each other? You don' know what each other is willing to share, and that's about it. You won't ever know someone until you can spend time with them in person in every day situations....just life in general. Having a "relationship" with someone over the internet is just living in a fantasy world.
What exactly is it that you "love" about him? or is it just the fantasy that he can take you away from your problems?

I can completely understand your response, as I would have responded the same exact way 5 months ago. Believe me, I would have.

I may be over-romanticizing---that is true. but not because it is currently an online relationship, because that is what you do in new relationships.

If you haven't been involved in a long distance/online relationship, it is difficult to judge the level of emotion that can develop. In all honesty, I feel like it's more like getting to know someone from the inside out. Not putting physical attraction and the way that someone looks above the mental and emotional attraction can actually be a quality of strength in a relationship. I'm not a young, silly, girl. I'm old enough to know. I'm an over analyzer. So this is something that I have thought about a lot.

I think it is common for anyone who hasn't experienced an online/long distance relationship before to not have a concept or understanding for how much communication takes place. In our current situation, it's all communication, it's all we have right now. I don't know any relationship where that could be considered a bad thing--lol

I know him, he knows me. We are mature adults and a point in our lives where we know what we are looking for and what we want. We see that in each other. We don't play illusions with each other, and are honest about things that I think people in actual, in person, physical relationships aren't honest about.

Not trying to come across as defensive, because as I said before--totally know where you are coming from!! But..... how I am feeling, and the dilemma I find myself in is very real. It won't and can't be sluffed off as an over-romanitcized, non-relationship that doesn't actually involve the emotion of love. It's there, and I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. That's all.

No problems for him to take me away from either