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Re: Long distance relationship--with no resolution

Originally Posted by brook65
Hi there

I am really sorry, but I have to agree with what Rosequarzt has said.

She is so right with what she says, although ok your situation may well be different, and I hope it is.

I had a holiday romance with a guy, we spent two weeks together, when I came home, I swore I knew him inside out, was in love, the man I would marry. The romantic notion of, can't wait to meet up again etc etc.

Except a few months down the line, when we did meet up, he didn't match the 'continued relationship' in my head. I came down to earth with a bump, and realised that in two weeks you can not love someone, know they are the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. I saw him in a differnet light, and thought ' hey this doesn't match the relationship in my head', you see when you don't see each other, you can play the relationship how you wish in your head.

I know you probably won't agree with me, it is just that I have been in this situation myself.

The point I am making is, you have seen him twice, and liked him obviously, but in the time since the relationship has carried on in your head the way you would expect it to carry on. But that is not reality, you need to spend more time with him in person, before you can declare undelying love.

If this guy is really serious about you, then he will make a way of making it happen.

I am sorry if I haven't been positive about this, it is just that it is so common.

Best wishes
Understand your point. But.... does that make it not worth finding out? Should we throw away every notion of love we may have because it hasn't worked out for yourself (I'm speaking of self in general, not you specifically) or others in the past? I can't do it. I consider myself a reasonable person, but I will admit I am a romantic as well.

I do think my initial post is being misinterpreted by some still, I am just trying to figure out a way to deal with it. I'm going to try some space, not so much contact, see where it goes. I'm still not willing to give up entirely (not yet), but I understand the "risk" involved too.