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Re: Sleeping Question for North of 60 or anyone who sleeps with their baby...

Originally Posted by sweetea13
I wish I had some great cure for you but I wanted to tell you that you're not alone. My DS does this when I nurse him, he picks, pulls, and scratches so hard. I can't beleive how bad it is. This week I have the flu and you know how sensitive your body is to touch when you have bad body aches? Well ds was just as aggressive as ever and I thought I was going to die! He is 10 months and it has gone on for awhile. Itry to gently tell him no and move his hand but then it ends up a game...Good luck I'm with you on this!
Have you ever heard of a nursing necklace? BEST INVENTION EVER. You can make one, or you can buy one online (I'm sure you could find one in a search). It's just a necklace you wear around your neck that the baby can reach and play with while they nurse. It saves your skin big time!

I went to our local TJ Max and got a really ugly old lady necklace made out of big gawdy wooden beads. She loves it. It keeps her occupied, and she doesn't try to pull the skin off my boobs.