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Bipolar or Obsessive Compulsive???

I'm starting to question my new diagnosis of Bipolar. I obsessively will check emails, to see if anyone answered or posted. Same if I leave a voicemail for someone, I'll keep checking my phone to see if they called yet. I don't do a "ritual" or check the stove to see if it is off. I don't have what I would call Mania, but do have a bad temper when provoked (loud screaming & so on). With medication (Geodon, Serequel, Clonopin) I feel sort of "FLAT". I still do cry easily, however. I'm always bored!

I have a clutter problem that literally drives me crazy. I can't dump the stuff as it isn't garbage, but needs sorting or a place for it. It embarrasses me to no end. Everyone says to forget about it, but that's the problem--I can't!


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