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Re: Bipolar or Obsessive Compulsive???

Hi Catlover,

There are two reactions to a diagnosis - the first, for many, is relief at finally having a name for whatever is going on. The second, for many, is more questions! Few of us fit neatly into any kind of diagnostic definition and many of us have elements of other kinds of disorders.

I've found that focusing on symptoms rather than what they are called has helped me. If you go to the self-help section of a good book shop, you'll find reams of books about streamlining your mind a bit and on how to de-clutter your house. I've always been kind of obsessive about checking e-mails and voicemail. I do two things now - one is to set myself a task (ie I won't check again until I have completed x, y and z) and the other is to only check when I am using the system - ie, I'll check my e-mail but I'll also send one at the same time. There are lots of books that can help steer you in the right direction.