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Re: Long distance relationship--with no resolution


The context is not a simple one, you know. Any solution that is implemented will have some cost for some of the people involved, including the children. You can't expect that you will find a way that will not hurt anyone, a smooth way, so to say. In a way, all of you need to be losers before you can feel as if you have won something. That is the price you have to pay.

Of course you will need a period of adjustment to the new reality. These will be critical moments for both of you, when you must not lose your faith and trust in each other, and when you must be strong and maybe keep the physical part of your love in the background for a while.

That said, I would have no fears and no doubts about him if he proposed to me. Has he ever proposed to you? I think that only marriage can give you the guarantee of this being no daydream.