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Schools always pushing for ADHD medicine urg

I wanted to know if any one else has had this problem that I am about to explain. Any advice is would be great. sorry for the novel but here is a little history first.

When my son was in second grade his school teachers and counselor were very pushy on me taking him to a doctor and getting him on Medicine for ADHD. He had all the usual signs, inatentative, blurting out, can't stay in his seat and ect. I was at the time so against medication that I made the school take several test that are free to parents if the school is asked to administer them. Such as accademic, MDT, IQ and so on. After all the test the school psycologist and the teachers myself all met to asses the results. They found my son to not be ADHD at all, what they did find is that he had at the time an IQ of a thirteen year old and hyper active at age 8. I took him to the doctor as well and with all the findings from the school and his assestment he as well found him not to be ADHD. So we went to counceling with an ADHD specialist councelor to help us help my son. My son also went to counceling himself for about a year to learn tools to help him cope with all of his hypersctivness and inatentivness. All the charts, rewarding planns seemed to work for the first 3 months and then we had to tweek the plann a little as he got used to them. After about 6 months nothing seemed to work. We didn't stop trying though.
Well we have delt with alot of school problems since and homework issues, teachers yelling at him for being to annoying and changing classes because teachers could not deal with him( not that I blame them I get frustrated too). He is not violent he is loud, disruptive, inatentive and hyper. His fifth grade was a good relativley but sixth things started to start all over again. Now he is in seventh grade and we are back to teachers yelling at him, calling me and telling me that he is blurting out, disruptive, inatentive and wont do his homework and wanting me to take him to a child psycologist. in the same sentence they also tell me that he is a nice and funny kid with lots of potential. So once again i took him to the doctor and the school and myslef did that wonderful assestment test to see if he is ADHD and to no avail he is not. They are thinking about another IQ test. In the mean time i have started him on an all natural herbal medicine that is called attend and it seems to help with his hyperness, inatentiveness, and allowing him to be able to finish a project. I guess my question is can a child have all these symptoms of ADHD but not be able to get a diagnosis. What could it be? The doctor has looked into all things it can be and the only thing they can come back with is his hyperness and very intelligent. HELP PLEASE. frustrated after dealing with this for 12 years.

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