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Re: Schools always pushing for ADHD medicine urg

I am ADHD and all 3 of my kids are as well (2 boys/1 girl).

From my own experience and what I have learned myself to help me & my kids cope:

Kids can have just attention deficit (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or just hyperactivity disorder (HD). Some schools try to label kids and they don't take the time to really look at the child's needs. All 3 of my kids are well above average as far as schoolwork but they have never had an actual IQ test.

As an example, my daughter learned to read in K, it was too much stress for me to teach her everything before she started school like some places think we should. She had a wonderful teacher who understood she was ADHD and we wanted to keep her of meds as long as possible. In 1st grade, she informed me she was moved away from the other kids and she would talk about getting a "sad" face at school for acting up. At the 1st conference, the teacher and I discussed her problems and the teacher asked permission to make an unusual request to the principal in regards to my daughter but she wanted to be sure I was fine with it before asking. I took my daughter with me to the conference and all 3 of us discussed together when she acted up & what they were doing in class. A pattern showed she acted up during reading and she stated it was too easy. The solution for my daughter was she ended up going to a 4th grade classroom for reading and even tested with them. The tests were not just simple answers, like a person's name but also covered reading comprehension. She never score lower than a 90 on any of the tests. The SOL testing showed her reading at 4th grade level and by the time the spring tests came around, she was now reading on a 5th grade level. She was also moved back to tables with the other kids. We placed her on meds this year and even though the teacher is aware of her ADHD & medication, she does not have any leeway and expects my daughter to behave 100%, just like the other kids. But this is an older teacher more set in her ways.

Your son may only have hyperactivity disorde. In this case, you & He will need to look for ways to help him cope & adjust to a schedule so he stays on track. Schedules helped me a lot, especially in high school to cope with my ADHD.