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everything falling apart

i am so glad that hubby is back at work today have been dying to post here since friday as always probably just a whinge but i need to get it off my chest. Friday you see was going great was finally a good day for me have been very up and down these last few weeks since coming out of hospital, so was finally feeling good and positive. Then out of nowhere whilst chatting he suddenly goes off on one saying how he never wanted to be married to a mental case and he was wanting a divorce and saying really hurtfull things the worst being that he would rather have my kids in care than with me saying i was an unfit mother and all!!!!! Untill this point i was doing well with drinking again but that was it sod it back to the vodka grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so not only am i mad and upset at hubby for this i also feel like a complete failure on the drinking again. The worst thing is that saturday he acted as if it had never happend and when i said about it he was all like well i needed to say somethings!!!!!! What is going on???? I thought it was meant to be me that was ill, but these were really sick things to be saying and expect everything to be ok the following day arent they???? I am so confused do you think he could be ill too or is it just he has changed since coming back from Iraq I understand that was hard for him and more so with him being brought back 3 weeks early because of me being the way I am and trying to o/d arghhhhhhhhhhhhh life is just too much hassel at the min and i cant stop analysing evertything sorry

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