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Re: Bonding to fix a few crooked teeth?!

Wow, thank you so much! That was really informative and helpful! The fact that they don't stain is music to my ears because I'm a huge coffee-drinker too! I think that I'm going to go with the bonding, just because the defects in my teeth aren't severe enough where I'd need to cover the entire tooth... or at least i don't think so (I'll see what the dentist says). I was wondering though, can you get the bonding material put on ALL of your teeth just for the sake of whitening? I mean like a thin coat of the plastic stuff? I would like that because I have fever spots on my teeth from when I was younger (that's like little white spots on my teeth). This makes the rest of my teeth look really discolored by comparison, just because these spots are as white as can be! I've tried at home bleaching (those crest white strips), and it didn't really work to make them less noticeable. :-/