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High CPK --- possibly myositis? Neuro says maybe....

About four weeks ago I had a CPK of 1100 in the hospital. I work out a lot, lift heavy weights, etc. etc. Since then, my CPK has dropped down to 60 on its own simply with flushing with IV fluids and not working out.

Since then, I have had muscle aching. Not a lot of weakness, but my Deltoids and calves seem to ache like they need to be stretched. It doesn't stop me from doing anything I do in day to day life (I can still run, still do cardio, still rollerblade), but the aching is definitely noticeable and quite annoying. To describe it at best, I feel like I REALLY need a good stretching all the time, but when I stretch it doesn't get better.

As far as I know my CPK is back down to normal. I had an EMG which came back slightly abnormal but both neuro's believe that since the EMG was so mildly abnormal, it could be due to my heavy workouts of recent (weightlifting/cardio 4 times per week+).

Could this be a myositis or the beginning of it? No family history of muscle disease.



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