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Re: High CPK --- possibly myositis? Neuro says maybe....


I'd consider it good news that your CK level goes back to normal. (Actually I think the normal range is 22-198 give or take a little). Mine is ALWAYS around 500. I have a slow-progression muscular dystrophy. Rapid progression MD can show CK levels of 10,000+ because of the rapidly dying muscle cells leaking CK into the blood. CK leaks into the blood whenever a muscle cell is damaged.

Any weightlifter or athlete can have spikes in their CK level after a workout. Keep an eye on it but don't lose sleep just yet. A healthy person will rebuild muscle cells that have been damaged.

You most probably know this but a myositis is a muscle inflammation, a myopathy is muscle deterioration. I'm not a doctor, just very informed because of my own condition. Best of luck,