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Re: High CPK --- possibly myositis? Neuro says maybe....

Originally Posted by Mark_B_61

I'd consider it good news that your CK level goes back to normal. (Actually I think the normal range is 22-198 give or take a little). Mine is ALWAYS around 500. I have a slow-progression muscular dystrophy. Rapid progression MD can show CK levels of 10,000+ because of the rapidly dying muscle cells leaking CK into the blood. CK leaks into the blood whenever a muscle cell is damaged.

Any weightlifter or athlete can have spikes in their CK level after a workout. Keep an eye on it but don't lose sleep just yet. A healthy person will rebuild muscle cells that have been damaged.

You most probably know this but a myositis is a muscle inflammation, a myopathy is muscle deterioration. I'm not a doctor, just very informed because of my own condition. Best of luck,


Thanks for the information. A quick background.

1) I am very anxious. I have been to 10 different combinations of neurologists/rheumatologists/MD's in the past four weeks. My muscle aches have me very concerned. Yes, my CPK has been steadily at normal levels, but I still am experiencing muscle aches. My one MD thinks the muscle aches could be anxiety: that I'm just making myself so anxious that its causing my body to ache. He wants me on anti-anxiety medicine, but it is so hard to believe that all of these muscle aches could be caused by something other than a disease.

2) My one neurologist thinks that I might have something, and wants to do a muscle biopsy, because the EMG came back slightly abnormal. The OTHER neurologist thinks that nothing is wrong, because I have no history of myopathy or dystrophy in my family, and I was healthy and had no muscle cramps until I stopped working out four weeks ago when I went into the hospital for the high CPK.

3) I am paranoid about dieing. I read about all of these dystrophies and myopathies and myositis' and get very scared. Today, my arms are fairly tight (not weak, I can do push ups and such just fine, they are just tight), and so are my legs.

I know that if I DO have something, most of it can be cured and/or helped. I know that my nerve conduction test came back fine (the EMG itself was slightly abnormal, and some of the docs think this could be because of the fact that I work out heavily and could have damaged some muscles, especially since the EMG came back MILDLY abnormal in muscles I regularly work out, such as my deltoid. The main complaint was increased polyphasia).

Anyway, most likely in the end of this all will be OK (god I hope so), but this paranoia throughout this has made me realize that even if I DO have a muscle disease, I also definitely have an anxiety disorder, which I need to get treated. But for now, these muscle aches cause me to remain concerned.