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Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!

I was diagnosed with Barrett's 2 years ago. I took Protonix for several months and, at my doctor's suggestion, eventually weaned myself off of the Protonix. I thought I was doing fairly well. I eliminated all carbonated drinks, quit drinking coffee for a long time and then only very occasionally, rarely drink iced tea anymore, and usually only drink water. I went back last week for another endoscopy. I didn't really get to discuss the pictures with my doctor, and wasn't quite up to asking many questions when he stopped by to see me before I left the hospital, but I have an appointment with him next week, Nov. 14th. I'm concerned with one of the pictures of my esophagus. It looks much worse to me... My co-worker asked me today what was wrong with me, as I wasn't very talkative. I'm a bit worried, although I don't want to be. I have been really concerned about this. I have Essential Thrombocythemia (elevated platelets with no known cause) also, and have been knowingly dealing with that for the past 3 years (actually found out that my platelets were elevated as far back as 1999). Now I am really getting even more concerned about Barrett's Esophagitis! When I found out about the Barrett's 2 years ago, I was afraid to lie down in bed. I slept in our recliner for several months. Lately I have been very careful about trying to eat foods that make my body more alkaline and trying to avoid most foods that produce acid. I have been drinking aloe vera juice for a few weeks now in the hopes that this well help heal my stomach and esophagus problems. If anyone reads this and has heard of how someone has been healed of Barrett's Esophagitis, please post the remedy here! It would be very, very much appreciated! I would like to learn more about this doctor in New York who specializes in Barrett's Esophagus... My severe, erosive gastritis seems to be healing. Will try to post more next week after I see my gastroenterologist. Sharon