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Question on kidney cancer

My boyfriend, age 55, was diagnosed with kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) after a large mass was found on his kidney. The kidney was removed, but a small spot was seen on the other kidney. He had an MRI and goes for the results on Mon. He told me he doctor mentioned the possibility of more surgery on that kidney, or "a pill" he could take. He doesn't really understand the medical terminology, nor does he want a lot of detail, he just wants to "get it fixed". I was not with him during his follow-up visit to the doctor nor will I be with him Mon. (We just got back together since he's been sick; he has his sister and another close friend accompanying him to the doctor and as much as I want to be there, four will be too many in the doc's office.) So unfortunately, I can't ask the doctor my questions in person. I don't want to give my boyfriend a "list" of questions because I don't want to scare him.

I am very afraid that the spot on the other kidney is also cancer. I don't know what 'stage' the other kidney was, but I believe they took part of the ureter with the kidney. I am concerned that the other spot is the beginning of cancer that spread from the other kidney. Does this sound plausible? Will the MRI show if the new spot is cancer? If they operate on his one remaining kidney, will he still be able to function with only one partial kidney? Any idea what this 'pill' is? I've read posts from Brighterday about a pill that made her husband very sick. What is the prognosis for kidney cancer? I've seen statistics on 5-year survival rates that aren't great. I'm extremely worried!!!! I will not share any negative information with him, I want him to remain positive. I just am thankful I found this board and hope some of you can share as much as you can about kidney cancer. Thank you!

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