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Re: Mixed episode

I have been where you are. Getting some sleep would be my first suggestion, it's not a cure but it help us think better and are bodies
are able to better tolerate the pain emotional and physcial. You can
go to the ER being it's the weekend you can go to the ER explain
your condition. There are meds that can help you sleep but it would
have to be someone very strong, there are a couple of the psychotic
meds that would work short term until you can get in and see your
reg doctor or p-doc. Pain and the bipolar work agianst each other
I hope you'll consider this and once you get some sleep post back and
let us know how you're doing. Then you can give more thought to
your work situation. Call a friend or family member to take you in,
depending on where you live there are also 24hr medical clinics and
by all means if you dont get the help you need at one place try
another. Sending you a hug, take care and hope to hear back from
you. Sue