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Re: SOS.HypoT & extreme moods? HELP PLEASE..

Hi there,
hope the day is going better now!! Yes mood swings are a problem for me as well. It makes you feel crazy that one moment you feel like your world is falling apart and others you sit back and wonder who that crazy person was and feel awfully ashamed that you could even have felt that way...sound familiar?

I have hashimotos hypo and going through changes again. I have always been prescribed antidepressants since before the diagnosis of hypo. Probably always have been somewhat hypo even before diagnosis. While I still have times when my world feels like it is falling apart they are farther apart and a lot more manageable. It has been 15 odd years since I have felt so bad that thoughts of the world would be better without me crossed my mind. Now my trouble is dealing with the 2 toddlers in my life and trying not to have too many outbursts with them and trying to get my hubby to understand what I am going through. Men find it hard to deal with us as we are usually the strong ones who deal with anything even when we feel like something the dog dragged in.

I am here to chat if you need to. Never feel alone