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Re: Starting back on the Nuvaring, LOTS of questions. Any input is appreciated!

Well, it can be done if it hasn't been that long since your last period, but you are opening yourself up to having a lot of breakthrough bleeding and other goofy things. Hormonal methods of birth control help to keep your levels pretty even all month, as opposed to being left to their own devices and having peaks and valleys, signaling ovulation and sheding. You certainly can go on and insert one, but you may very well have an interesting month. Its not going to cause you any permanent harm, probably just a goofy cycle or two. And since you don't know if you have ovulated this month, make sure to use a backup method until your next period. And if you happen to start before removing the ring, go on and remove it and insert a new one and keep it in for the 3 weeks. This will, hopefully, help you sync up with it.

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