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need tips and advice on a pinched nerve thx!

Hello everyone. I found these boards via google..
10/22/06 I went to the emergency room at the hospital for pain in my shoulder.
Five views or the cervical spine were obtained The spine is straightened in keeping with muscle spasm.Degenerative changes affect the bodies of c4/c5/c6 and c7. The disc space at c5/6is narrowed. There is a mild encroachment affecting the right intravertebral foramina at c4/5 and c5/6 and c6/7 on the left.
conclusions:findings findings in keeping with muscle spasm,degenerative change and disc disease.
shortly after i went to my family doctor and he put me on some pain relievers and muscle relaxers..I also went through a 7 day steroid pack.
My neck is somewhat sore and i have to sleep strait on my back. I cannot sleep on my side cause i get pain in my left shoulder blade.. My forearm is very week now and i have numbness in my thumb and first finger...Also i have lots of pain radiating down my arm.. Actually i get alot of pain in my arm from just standing around at a relaxed position.
my only good place to be is in my recliner chair with my left arm on the arm rest..
I did not have insurance at this time but did sign up and will be covered dec.1st...and pre existing conditions will be covered.
my doctor did send me to a chiropracter and after two visits they said that they wern't sure if they could help me cause the stims or electric shock treatments on my neck were putting me in discomfort. They said pretty much that that is what they do lol

I just got my perscription for a mri c-spine neck and left arm..
well if you have read this far maybe you will read alittle further and respond.

I am like a fish out of water in this area and am wundering what may happen to me Sorry my spelling is terrible....I have 4 teanage kids and lots of work to do but i am in my chair dealing with this pain.
This has been like this for almost a month now for me and i might not have the patients to wait till dec 1st to get this mri. (thats when my insurance kicks in. actually since my symptoms are stable and not gettin better... I do not want to make them worse...Now i am 48 years old. I work in construction. thx dave

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