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Re: SOS.HypoT & extreme moods? HELP PLEASE..

Originally Posted by kazkiwi
im new to this, got lots of whats this thing about little kids? the first thing i noticed was the common thread. i was diagnosed hypothyroid a couple of weeks ago, i have 8 month old baby and 3 1/2 yo. for ages ive struggled so hard to maintain some sort of stability, hated myself physically and mentally and now i am starting to grasp that there is a reason for the that im feeling well enough to notice or care...and it looks like there are others with similarities. ive found it good having a diagnosis (totally unexpected tho...went to the dr for severe joint pain) so it hasnt just been shattering exhaustion from working too hard in my job, effect of having babies, laziness and getting older etc as ive been thinking. im just so glad since starting the thyroxine that the week just doesnt go from monday to thursday and back to monday again, that my joints dont ache so much and that im getting a bit of alertness back so i can pay attention in more than a superficial way to my 2 lovely daughters. perhaps my hair will stop falling out before too much scalp is visible! i do hope the mood thing is influenced as my levels build up to...or am i in dreamland... ive had to walk away when i just wanted to 'let rip' over the simplest things which never used to be me...and i know im not being the role model i want to be because im just not entirely in control. does your memory every come back...or is it a case of you dont miss what you dont remember? do you ever feel like serious exercise again? anyone know anything about how thyroxine affected their breast fed told that it shouldnt affect her but the more milk she has from me i notice odd things like sweating more, sleeping less, irritability. looking forward to picking your ever-optomistic kaz
KAZ CONGRATULATIONS AS TO GETTING DIAGNOSED!. ... You will feel better, but for me at least it's taking time! - Sorry to start on a neg, but dont wanna say I felt better immediately, cause that just aint true !!, BUT !!!!.... Did feel more like my old self, and was able to do FAR FAR MORE in a matter of weeks, For me it's getting dosages right, I have been told by my Doc that I am fairly unique , here in UK at least, as when I was first diagnosed my TSH was off UK Scale at 150 with a t4 of >5, also as I had been put on antidepressants, my situation was critical as the depresssants were putting me into a coma ! - Totally paralyised me !!!! Great Fun !! but now just gotta sort my moods, stuttering when stressed, and foggy brain, Hair falling ut, and i think that me sorted !!! Not too much too ask...Oh also I have become very self obsessed!!!, talk about my HypoT all the time, and am a real pain with it !... But apparently it's not just me that that happens to !! ( Or maybe the others were just being kind ?!!!! ) Im rambling, mind gone off on one again ! - Ill stop now, but when can think straighter will post again ! and try to look at your questions - but it does seem like we a quite similar !speak to you soon !!