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Re: SOS.HypoT & extreme moods? HELP PLEASE..

Originally Posted by bookishmomma
I can identify with you ladies! The mood swings are one of the most bothersome symptoms I have...that is NOT the person I am or want to be, and with an 18 month-old to take care of, I want to be the even-keeled woman I used to be. It is so good to hear some of you saying you are starting to feel better with the medicine, because I was just definitively diagnosed today, actually (Hashimoto's), and start my levothyroxine tomorrow! I look forward to feeling better.
BOOKISHMOMMA - You must have started your LevoThyroxzine now?, How are you finding it? - Im on this too, still have not got my dosage correct, but am feeling SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY! - Fingers are crossed that you are feeling better.... It is so nice to come to these boards and hear that other people are the same as me ! - I have even just seen a symptom posted here, that I have quite badly, but never for a minute thought was symptom of my HypoT. This whole thing gets stranger and stranger !!! - Congrats on diagnosis anyhow, and hope you feel better real soon ! - Let me know what you think of the Levothyroxzine...... PegPawz!

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