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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

You only mentioned SCLC and not if it is extensive or not. Is the cancer isolated? My husband has SCLC and was not given that long to live without treatment...2 to 6 months and it is now 17 months. (not an easy 17 months, but some beautiful times he had with our boys and know he would not trade the pain he went thru to see them smile and enjoy time with him) It is not an easy treatment so be prepared, but if your mom is determined then let her fight! Ask questions and ask more questions and do a lot of research. You also need to like your doctor and trust them. My husband has outlived what the doctors had told him and tell your mom never to go by those time frames as everyone is different.
Keep us posted and I will help answer any questions you have. There are not that many people on the posting board compared with SCLC, not sure why. The only problem with SCLC is that it is aggressive, but will respond initially to chemo. My husband is on his 4th line of chemo, but in a few weeks he will have his last treatment as the doctor said it is getting too hard on his body and need to let him rest. (otherwise the chemo can kill you) The chances are slim that it worked at all, but this will be the 2nd Christmas with cancer and it makes him so happy he can spend yet another Christmas with the boys.
You take care and prayers headed your way,