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Re: night sweats

hi ticker and Isis498, thanks both of you for the information. i didnt have a chance to see the dr, i got a TB skin test done monday and was told to come back this afternoon, negative results, so that's ruled out. ticker, i may have to wait until tax time to see the lyme dr., $750 is a bit much at the moment, with the exception of me doing ebay that's it but it's enough to keep us on top of the bills but nothing for medical expenses.i have zero insurance.i am happy you mentioned that doctor. huntersville is only 6 hrs or so away from me, i used to deliver up near concord, so thats a releif knowing help if it is lyme is not far away.i guess a good idea as you said is to be sure my bw is sent to IgeneX, i may visit my dr soon and request that it be sent to them to put me on the right last lyme test was sent to Quest diagnostics in tucker GA. as far as the sleep apnea i have checked into that to and it can also cause an array of symptoms, i sleep alone so i have no idea if i snore or pause breathing while sleep, maybe a tape recorder would work lol or have my wife keep check on me. i have got to get to the bottom of this before it drives me insane, i started wellbutrin last week along with klonopin.ill keep you posted. thanks a bunch!!