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Re: coughing up black stuff

Hi. I have chronic bronchitis and it's horrible when it acts up. I have the deepest, loudest cough anyone around me has ever heard. Usually it flares up when I get a slight head cold. I start out with a dry, hacking cough. Then it goes to a choking till I upchuck cough. I can't sleep lying down when the bronchitis is at it's worst. If I try to lay down, I cough till I choke. Then finally when the worst of it is over, the cough becomes productive and I cough up white or clear phlem. I cough till my ribs hurt and the coughing is so bad that I have to wear Depends or I risk humiliating myself.

In all the years that I've had bronchitis, I've never coughed up anything black. Even when I quit smoking (I smoked for about 20 years), that never happened to me. I have heard of it happening to others though.

I have two different inhalers that I use for my bronchitis now. One is for the coughing and one is to help prevent the next flareup.

I'm just starting to get better from my latest flareup. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for my bronchitis to get better.

Good luck with the doctor visit!

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