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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

This is the first time I have posted although I have been following the posts for a year. I think the best thing you can do for your mother is to educate yourself about her disease. To often as I have seen in my own family as with my sisters death at 47 from nsclc and my mil battle with sclc the lack of knowledge of their cancers to often gave them false hope and a lack of a good quality of life. The plan truth is there is no cure for sclc. The Drs themsleves have no knowledge as to why some people live longer with it than others ,but its all they have. Yes I may sound negative ,but I have seen Drs give treatment to patients instead of telling them the truth and allowing them to make up their own minds as how they want to be treated. I do have a background in medicine so I know most patients with extensive sclc would live just as well with pallative care and still be enjoying their lives . I donot know why the medical community has such a hard time with allowing the patients to decide their own informed fate. I am very sorry for you ,your sister and most of all your mother. I hope you will have many more months together whatever she decides as to how to spend the rest of her life.