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Re: need tips and advice on a pinched nerve thx!

Hey Jen..sorry to here that u had a backslide after getting better...,,,LOL on the recliner. YAY thank my luck we got that chair....Um in it way to much. nowhere else can i get relief . I will say that i have been more aware of my family life being in the living room all the time.
I did get that mri yesterday... I have never really been a pill taker much. Having been on perscription drugs for a month has me conserned. A muscle relaxer once every 8 hours and a pain pill every 4 to 6 (more like 4) some kind of codine..the bottles are in the other room .. I do better with one or two syallable words. . I havent done any research on my pill taking but it seams for now its my only choice. ..