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Re: wisdom teeth success story - cure for TMJ?

I'm a hopeless clencher, due to stress mostly. I had lower wisdom teeth out some time ago and it seemed to help. I had mostly ear pain & pain under my chin from TMJ.

It seemed to help for a while, til I must have figured out how to put pressure on the other wisdom teeth even without any lower teeth to put pressure on.
Finally had the top ones removed too.

Well, that was in May of this year & things were fine til I re-taught myself to clench the remaining teeth & now my pain is in my temples & eyes. I seem to have refocused the areas that get irritated, so try to be aware that you may still clench & try to focus on NOT doing it. I just moved my pain from one area to another.

I don't have any pain in my ear or lower jaw area from TMJ now, it is all higher as I'm clenching different teeth now!!!