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Re: Intense Pain without wearing brace

Emily~You could be a Dear Abby for a site like this...seriously, I have read many of your replies, and to be honest, "nobody has ever said it better than you". You have a gift of sensitizing your words into a very warm and cozy response forthe readers. So, thanks for that.

As for me.
I see my doctor the week after this one. I can finally get many questions about my surgery answered...they did not communicate very well what happened during the procedure. I am a nurse, and have worked in the operation room and recovery, etc. for many years. I know the postop instructions very a way. (its very different when it is you) But I am having trouble putting together my own pains and troubles. Luckily, I did find this healthboard, and I am finding many of my questions answered. Thanks peeps.

As for my pain, I was originally on Percocet. It helped a lot better. But I live too far away from the office to pick up a script for a refill. I did offer to send my mom. They prefer to call in a refill...thats how I got to taking Lortab for pain. It helps occasionally, but today for example...not helping. And I am very cautious about my Tylenol intake due to liver failure related to taking over 4 grams. So, I really space out my consumption of of Pain meds. I will have to discuss this with the doctor as well. [B]Question[/B][]What works (dosage and meds) for other people?

I just wish I could tell what this pain is is it muscular, or nerve, or the instruments moving around. I also have a sharp pain under my right breast, that I have been assuming is from my rib being removed. I would love to know a definitive answer. But I am not gullible. I know that when it comes to the human body, not everything can be answered with such precision.

I am hoping that I do not have to wear the brace more than 3 months. I will if I HAVE TO....but, honestly, I am not in love with this thing. Also, I am used to be very active and I would love it I I could start more aggressive PT at 3 months and just move along....but I know that I have to go along with the flow of what my body tells me., what a challenge!