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My kids verses his kids

I am recently divorced . I have a wonderful boyfriend. He is good to me in every way . Our problem is with our kids. He has a 6 year old daughter who in his eyes does no wrong.When she does do something he excuses it away with "well she's a girl". In my eyes she is a child ! I see no gender difference when it comes to disipline.My boys are 10 and 11 and he stays on them all the time .I do not mind that if they are doing wrong by all means put them in their place, but.....what irritates me the most is that his daughter can do the same things the boys do and he says nothing to her. She is allowed to hit the boys because she is a girl and the boys get blasted for hitting her....I do not think boys should hit girls nor do I think girls should hit boys. If the boys get caught doing something and they deny it " LIE" again they get blasted... His daughter has lied so many times I cannot count and many times denyed something I told him she did , indirectly calling me a liar. Am I wrong for getting upset that he treats his child differently than mine . That his has different rules than mine. Or am I justified in demanding he be equal and fair to them all . He talks of marriage and all I say is I'm not getting married. I don't tell him why. I refuse to marry anyone who cannot be fair to all the kids involved . I will not put my kids in a situation where they feel singled out and where his child gets away with everything she does. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

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