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Could I have CFS

I am feeling tired all the time to the point where i can't be bothered working. I am a computer clerk, so not hard labour. I also feel tired in the muscles, like they are really heavy to lift and everything is an effort. I am getting a sore head, but not like a headache, more of an ache in the head. And massively sore eyes. I have been so bad i haven't been able to attend work at all some days. Also having these terrible night sweats every night regardless of how hot or cold it is. I am saturating myself and the sheets. I don't feel "awake" when i wake up, and sleep for an hour or 2 every afternoon and then going to bed at around 10pm. On weekends i sleep for around 12 hours, but dont feel good when i wake up. Also have like a cramps feeling around what i would say is my ovary area. And pain that goes from my chest to my back. And NO sex drive!!, like it is a chore, and when i have it is like it's not nice or sensitive. I also feel emotional annd get upset and cry over things i really shouldn't. I have been to the Dr and been tested and everything else is fine. My Dr said i have some sort of chronic fatigue, and gave me a tablet called Lovan, which doesn't help at all. Can anyone shed some light? I am so frustrated

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