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Re: My kids verses his kids

I don't live with him....He is wonderful to me . He does help in making my children mind. I do not deny my kids are not perfect... lol.... they are kids . Just he allows his to get away with things that he does not allow mine to do. I am trying to get him to see that by allowing his child to continue with her behavior is only going to hurt her in the long run. I am perfectly content with my decision to not marry this man and that is for my children.My kids come first in that decision. Should this man see the light and start disiplining his own as he would mine things could be different. I do not mean disapline as in spanking . I mean just correcting them when they do wrong.In my oppinion his daughter could use a good spanking for lying !!!!!!! BUT she is a girl!!!! So what he is teaching her is it is O.K. to lie. It is O.K. to misbehave. He spanked he once and she came out looked me in the eye and told me it did not hurt she was only crying because her daddy talked to her.... then when I told him what she said " INSTEAD OF APPOLOGIZING TO ME FOR HER BEHAVIOR" she then lied about what she did say . He said he was going to spank her again ... I at the time was home .... well he did nothing. HE FORGOT !!!!! She opened a pack of cigarettes and when asked who did it she denied it .... my boys were called into the room and they too were asked. They were all given a good scolding. I later told her I knew she opened the cigarettes and she told me not to tell her daddy because he would spank her. we had a long talk about lying and that she was willing to allow my boys to get in trouble for something they did not do just so she did not get in trouble. The problem I have with all of it is that she lies.... she doesn't care what happens to anyone else as long as it didn't happen to her.She has said things to me that were just plain ugly and mean and nothing is done about it ... My kids do not disrespect him in no way shape or form. They were taught better. They may want to say some ugly things to him but they don't.... It is so much more complex than just what I have told here ... I just don't know how to get this man to do something with his daughter and back off my boys. I will keep at it untill I have tried all I know to try and talked all I care to talk. After that point nothing more can be done and no chance for a big happy family thus good-bye time